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  The Gulf Marine plant and operations is strictly committed to meeting or exceeding the U.S. Food and Drug HACCP requirements. As a result of our demanding internal quality controls, we guarantee weights, counts, uniformity and quality. Finally, all of our domestic shrimp products comply with mandated turtle excluder device requirements.

  All imported shrimp and other seafood items comply with the COOL Requirements. Master controls as well as individual packages contain the following information, as required by law:

  • Production Code/Plant Code
  • Country of Origin
  • Method of Catch - Wild or Farm Raised
  • Latin Species Name
  • Production packing statement (i.e.- packed by company ABC or distributed by company ABC)
  • Clear description of product and size

  Finally, our imported shrimp and seafood meets or exceeds the standars of HACCP, F.D.A and USDC.

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